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29 Mar – 1 Apr 2022: Visit the leading trade event for mobility professionals
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Newsletter | March 2022
Great news, almost all corona restrictions have been lifted in the Netherlands last week. Exhibitions go back to normal and Intertraffic will have all the usual network and social ingredients. Professionals from over 140 countries have already confirmed their interest. If you haven’t already registered,​​​​​​​ get your free ticket today!
Innovation: The theme of the scene
What will be the most-talked about, shiny new stars of Intertraffic Amsterdam 2022? In this article you will find a list of new products making their Intertraffic debuts.


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The debutants, part 2
In the second of a two-part feature in which we spoke to four newcomers to Intertraffic, we find out who they are, what they’ll be exhibiting, what they are expecting from the world’s biggest traffic technology & mobility trade show.
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Intertraffic Connect App
The Intertraffic Connect app is your complete guide to the show. Easily plan your visit to 800+ exhibitors and save the summit sessions you want to attend by adding them to your personal schedule.
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Speeding up the mobility transition
We need to speed up the mobility transition to keep up with the fast-changing global dynamics. We spoke to Lucien Groenhuijzen, founder of MaaS app Gaiyo. How does he speed up the mobility transition?
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New gold dream: The role of data in sustainable Urban Mobility
Sustainability has become a crucial discussion topic with respect to smart cities and urban mobility, but the importance of the effective use of data must not be underestimated.​​​​​​​
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COVID-19 and traffic flow
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Sustainable urban mobility
Five developments in sustainable urban mobility
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Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence and Smart Mobility
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