Join Intertraffic ON AIR 22 JUNE | Interview with Zeina Nazer | PaaS, Present, Future | Bicycle Mayors

Intertraffic Amsterdam: A trip down memory lane
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Intertraffic ON AIR 22 June
Join Intertraffic ON AIR | 22 June | Episodes 3 & 4
Parking as Service & Improving Road Safety
Are you ready to connect and engage with our global community of mobility experts? Join Intertraffic ON AIR on the 22nd of June. We have two interactive episodes on the agenda for you including opinion polls, matchmaking and breakout rooms:
10:00 – 12:00 Parking as a Service with POLIS
14:00 – 16:00 Improving Road Safety with Swedish Transport Administration and Signify
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Parking as a Service
PaaS, present & future
How far into the future do we have to look in order to see a time where PaaS is as a must as MaaS? Intertraffic asked five experts in order to get an accurate sounding of just what PaaS encompasses and where it is in terms of development and implementation.
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Bicycle Mayors
Bicycle Mayors Mumbai, Rome and Victoria
‘I like to cycle during traffic hours, because the cars are like a cushion.’ Different challenges ask for different solutions. In this edition we talk to Bicycle Mayors of Mumbai (India), Rome (Italy) and Victoria (Canada).
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Maurits van Hovell, Johan Cruijff Arena
En Route to Success: Traffic management Johan Cruijff ArenA
Before COVID-19 the Johan Cruijff ArenA, home of Ajax, could receive around 100,000 people who would travel to and from the area. This asks for efficient traffic and crowd management.
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Zeina Nazer
Speeding up the mobility transition: Zeina Nazer, CITIES FORUM
“If I can improve and save people’s lives than I have done my job.”
Zeina Nazer is a Smart Mobility Expert and Co-Founder of CITIES FORUM. She has been in the transport technology industry for 25 years working to explore strategies for building more resilient, efficient, and sustainable transport. How does she speed up the mobility transition?
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Intertraffic ON AIR 20 April
Intertraffic ON AIR episodes 1 & 2
The first two episodes of Intertraffic ON AIR highlighted intelligent infrastructure and smart traffic control. In case you missed it or want t rewatch, the recordings are available on our website now.
Watch and read >
Intertraffic Amsterdam
Trip down memory lane:
​​​​​​​Intertraffic’s 50th Anniversary!
Intertraffic Amsterdam in 2022 will be extra special, celebrating our 50th anniversary! In the run up to it we take you on a weekly trip down memory lane via LinkedIn with pictures, quotes, innovations, anecdotes and other archive material. Do you have captured or vivid memories of any previous Intertraffic Amsterdam editions? Share them with us! > ​​​​​​
Intertraffic China

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