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Mobility as a Service | Adapt to Survive
Just as MaaS solutions were starting to gain traction across the world, so COVID-19 struck and confined to their homes millions of customers who had previously been looking to become increasingly mobile and have ready-made solutions at their fingertips. We spoke to experts from the field on how the Mobility as a Service sector will survive the pandemic. Read more >
Rethinking traffic management after COVID-19
Many cities are discovering some of the temporary measures have proven to be so successful that their leaders have a decision to make as to whether to make them permanent.
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Speeding up the mobility transition Alessandro Bortolotti, STRATEC RT
Italy was shocked by the bus falling from a bridge close to Avellino in 2013 and the collapsing Genoa bridge in 2018. A discussion on road safety. ‘Can we expect a driver to know how a guardrail works?’
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Race for kerb space 2021 | The final fontier
Data was briefly the new gold. Now, it seems, it’s kerb space. Experts from the UK, Netherlands and Canada explain how the kerb, the humble pavement or sidewalk, has increased in value exponentially with the impending arrival of autonomous delivery drones and a pandemic-led encroachment into what used to be dead real estate. Read more >
Automatic number plate recognition True read rate?
Most automatic number plate recognition companies would tell you that they read license plates in the high 90% range. Fair enough. However, that’s of license plates that can actually be read.
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Real-time traffic data | Next generation
Traffic sensors, cameras, MaaS, navigation systems, parking reservation systems. What are examples where real-time traffic data is collected and what are its developments?
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Best of 2020 | Safer roads for children together with Miffy
“Road safety starts at an early age.” Marcel Tjin developed Leer in het Verkeer (Learn in traffic): an educative programme which enables schools and parents to teach children in the age of 1-6 about traffic.
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Intertraffic Webinars 2020 series available on demand
Popular episode: Smart Measures to Avoid Post-Corona Traffic Congestion​​
We have been sharing knowledge online throughout 2020 with a series of webinars. A particularly popular episode covered smart measures to avoid post-corona traffic congestion and how cities will cope with what could easily be described as in influx of additional road traffic. Interested to hear it all? All our webinars are available on demand.
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