5G: Shaping a modern urban environment by embracing new digital infrastructure

Webinar: 24 November with Mastercard, Kapsch and West Midlands 5G
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5G: The Smart City of Things
You are entering….The Smart City of Things. How 5G is making the previously impossible possible in real-time data collection. Intertraffic talks to experts from the UK, Germany, Belgium and the US to discuss its benefits and potential impact. Read more >
5G: The Smart City of Sunderland
The most technologically advanced city in Europe in terms of 5G innovation and deployment isn’t London, Amsterdam, Paris or Berlin, but Sunderland (UK). Proud to be the home of three 5G projects, as Liz St Louis, at Sunderland City Council, explains.
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Five questions for Shayan Afshar – Navtech Radar
The transportation industry is one of Dahua’s key businesses, involving urban roads, airports, railroads, highways, parking lots, ports, bus industries’ video surveillance and management. How did they reroute?
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​​​​​​​Digital infrastructure to cater for more data flows
This webinar will bring you up to speed with the ever-growing need for data and infrastructure to facilitate the data flows. Moderator Rachelle Harry will talk to Christoph Seybold of Kapsch, Rita Okcuoglu of Mastercard and Chris Holmes of West Midlands 5G. Be part of our audience and see what is top of mind of fellow professionals around the world.
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Meet our new moderator: Rachelle Harry
After enjoying the moderation of our webinars by Carlo van de Weijer and Paul Hutton, we are very pleased to announce our new moderator starring in the webinar on the 24th of November: Rachelle Harry.
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Watch the October webinar recording on parking
We thank Esther van der Meer of Park Now, Peggy Mertiny of Cerema and Thierry Brusseaux of Flowbird for sharing their views in this webinar. Read the text summary here or watch the recording of this webinar.
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First digital event Intertraffic Mexico
"Advances in urban mobility within a big city."
The Intertraffic Mexico international smart mobility event hosted a webinar on October 28 to set the scene for the in-person event next year with Metrobus ad ENGIE.
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Date Subject
24 NOV Digital infrastructure to cater for more data flows
15 DEC The path to autonomous driving
26 JAN Smart traffic control and incident detection
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Business as "usual" at Intertraffic China 18 – 20 NOV
Intertraffic China proudly opened its doors to welcome thousands of mobility professionals from all over China. The event runs from 18-20 November 2020 in the Beijing Exhibition Centre, alongside ChinaTranspo. With close to 160 exhibitors showing their solutions to speed up the mobility transition and a conference programme providing the latest insights, the platform is renowned to stimulate business and accelerate knowledge transfer. Intertraffic China is organised by RAI Amsterdam in partnership with TTEC and ITS China.

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