A BIG Thank You from Love Business

Love Business EXPO 2019
Holywell Park Conference Centre, Wednesday 27th February 2019 – 9:30am – 3pm
Thank you to everyone who made Love Business Expo 2019 a fantastic day!
We’ve received so much great feedback via email and social media, it’s really overwhelming – so thank you, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Thanks to you if you attended

Attending EXPO’s and spending time out of the workplace is becoming increasingly difficult. So we hope you enjoyed yesterday, but more importantly you were able to take something away to help your business or organisation thrive.

Thanks to our fantastic speakers

Paul Rowlett, Founder of Everything Branded for the heartfelt story of how he experienced the struggles of starting a business and letting us in on how he created a £20m turnover company.

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Grant Peggie and panel of advisors from the British Business Bank – it made access to finance understandable and provided some great examples of how this Government funded initiative has supported a wide variety of businesses.

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The East Midlands Chamber Question Time Event – A huge success, next time we do something like this it obviously needs more time. Really engaging, a terrific insight into the next few years of this exciting region. Chris Hobson, superb job hosting all I can say is watch out Fiona Bruce.

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Andy Gilbert – Go MAD Thinking M.D. on how to out think your competition. It’s no secret I’m a big fan and his framework underpins how we design Love Business. Great talk, so much energy I’m not sure he breathed for the 20 minutes!

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Richard Shakespeare – Workplace Diversity Solutions, well I didn’t realise how funny Richard was – he’d give any stand-up a run for their money. But more than anything he highlighted the serious message to business owners, you need to be able to evidence you practice Work Place Diversity – or expect to pay the consequences.

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and finally…

The Marketing, PR and Sales workshop where I (Steve Megson, MD of Quiet Storm), shared the stage for a relaxed session highlighting the things any business owner can use to promote their business or organisation on a shoe string budget. Many thanks to my fellow panelists for sharing their experiences; Nigel Rowlson of The Dairy; Dawn Spendlove from Love Marketing; and Gemma Orton, Mocha Marketing. Not forgetting David Pearson, Director of Partnerships and Membership Services at East Midlands Chamber.

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Nigel Rowlson
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Dawn Spendlove
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David Pearson
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And not forgetting a BIG THANK YOU to our sponsors – You provide the financial support to make it happen.

East Midlands Chamber – Main Sponsor and a huge supporter of Love Business for many years now.

Everything Branded – Halls sponsor and general fun ambassadors of this years expo (never seen so many smiling delegates with prizes)!

Duncan and Toplis – VIP Lounge Sponsor and did a great job of looking after everyone who needed to escape the hustle and bustle of the Expo.

Lexus – Love Business Driving sponsor and a great show of the fabulous Lexus range and enlightening business owners on the tax advantages of the hybrid.

KUKU Connect – Networking Reception Sponsor and providing the afternoon glamour and a place for all those working hard all day to chill in the final hours.

fsb – Cafe Networking Hub Sponsor, thanks for getting back onboard with Love Business and hosting the breakfast networking.

IoD, AIM Awards, PAB Languages, Mocha Marketing and Holywell Park – Without your fantastic support in promoting the event and evangelising, it couldn’t have been the success we all enjoyed yesterday.

Some of the feedback we’ve received…

“Many congratulations on a great event today. Well done!

Thanks for letting us be part of it!”

Lewis Stringer
Senior Manager, UK Network – East & South-East Midlands

"I am writing to say Thank you and Congratulations on organising such a successful Event!

Many of the visitors to our stand shared similar views around the high quality, the energy and excitement during Love Business Expo this year!

Everyone from PAB truly appreciated it and it was a great way to network, present and showcase some of the most successful businesses in the East Middlands.

All the speakers were very inspiring and it was interesting to learn some success stories. We could not agree more with some of the Panel speakers that all the counties within the Midlands should collaborate and look for ways to maximise synergy of working together.

I truly believe that the energy and excitement of the day will generate fresh ways of thinking about what else is possible in the business including trading across borders, cultures and languages."

Kind regards
Iwona Lebiedowicz

"Just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for inviting us to yesterdays event, it was really good to attend!

We had a few really interesting conversations and thought that question time was very inciteful.

Sorry we had to dash off, it’s a bit crazy here at the moment!"

Thank you,

Jessica Harvey
Acorn Recyclers

"Thanks for staging the Expo here in Loughborough. We were very pleased with footfall to our stand which led to a number of interesting enquiries. It was also a very good event for networking with both existing and new contacts."

Christopher Grace
Charnwood Borough Council

"If a certain beer company did business events, they’d do it like this. It was a really fun day and what I enjoyed most, apart from the fun games was the lovely welcome that I received from the people I spoke to. No hard sell, no pushy sales, just lots of information, lots of ways to collaborate and lots of ways to support businesses going forward. It was a really great event, Thank You"

Mandy Ward
Mandy Ward HR Consulting and Coaching

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